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Pickford Chiropractic Clinic : Fee Schedule

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Initial Consultation – Complimentary!

The purpose of this initial consultation is to determine whether you are in the right place and if we can help you. It gives you a chance to ask any questions about what chiropractic is and what it isn’t.


Physical Examination and Report of Findings

Chiropractor Price Mt Warren Park

Your chiropractor will prepare a detailed report of findings

If you and the chiropractor decide to proceed with chiropractic care, a complete physical examination will be performed to determine if you have any vertebral subluxations, (interferences to the nervous system) which could be causing the symptoms that you are experiencing.

At this point X-rays may be required, via a local radiologist not far from the clinic. (X-rays are bulk-billed through Medicare.)

  • $100      18+ years
  • $50         0-17 years

Included with the Physical Examination is a report which will cover:

  1. What is wrong with you
  2. How we can we help; or if we cannot help, we will refer you to the appropriate health professional.


Chiropractic Adjustments

  • $68 for Adults
  • $63 for Pensioners
  • $58 for children under 18 years

Once it has been determined that chiropractic care is the best treatment option for you, the chiropractor will proceed with a spinal adjustment. Adjustments are safe and gentle and just about anyone can be adjusted. Newborns, infants, children, seniors and even failed back surgery patients can benefit. Naturally, your chiropractor will tailor your chiropractic care to suit your size, age and unique health problem….read more»