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Pickford Chiropractic Clinic : Meet Our Team


Introducing Kathy

Kathy is a Beenleigh local but has moved around Australia for the past 20 years due to her husband’s work. Before coming to the practice, she held various positions: receptionist at a doctor’s office, personal assistant and group fitness trainer. She also worked in accounts and retail sales.

In addition to her work at the practice, Kathy also has a Certificate III & IV in Aged Care & Disability and continues to work casually in both of these areas. Outside the practice, this busy mum of three high school-aged boys likes fishing, boating, camping, going to the beach and walking her dog. She also is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys early morning training sessions.


Introducing Jacky

Pickford Chiropractic Clinic team Jacky
Jacky has been working in the field of Human Resources for the past 15years, and has just returned to QLD from working abroad; having missed the perfect weather, relaxed Queensland lifestyle, family and friends.

Jacky and her husband are currently spending spare time renovating their house and building a garden and vegetable patch if she can keep the bush turkeys and possums at bay. A keen animal lover, Jacky is currently awaiting the arrival of her furbaby (Bob cat) from overseas. Bob is the “Boss of the Household”, and has Jacky wrapped round his little paw!! Actually he is nearly 8 kilos so … not so little paw..

Jacky has been a wellness patient of Chiropractor for over 30 years, and for a time even worked as a CA at another Chiropractic clinic (before computers were invented).

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